Laris Media provides website development using WordPress and Magento as our main platforms. WordPress and Magento are two of the most popular systems and a lot of our clients to us asking for them by name. For our customer that don’t know what they want to use we always suggest them to use WordPress for a website and Magneto for am major e-commerce site. For smaller e-commerce sites we suggest our customers use WordPress with an e-commerce add-on.

Add a year of managed hosting for 99.90 dollars from HiveNode.com

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Looking to start an online business? Ecommerce is the best way to do that. You can offer your products to anyone around the world from a click of a button. Having an ecommerce store is the best way to get your products to a new type of customers.

At Laris Media we Magento to build ecommerce sites for our business customers. Magento is an widely used system by other major brands such as Vizio, Fox, North Face, Office Max, Samsung and many others. Magento gives you many options and has third party developers who build many great add-on plugins for it.

All ecommerce quotes are custom to fit your budget and your need. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have about starting your new online ecommerce business.

Don’t think business website design is all you need. Laris Media offers online marketing services for your business such as Small Business PPC Google / Facebook Ads, SEO Link Building, Local Business Marketing, and Video Marketing.

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Want to instantly visibility get on the top of the search engines? Our Pay Per Click services can help you with that. The great thing about pay per click is you only get charged if you have actually clicks from customers.
It’s easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Find keywords to target your business.

2. Set a daily budget.

3. Start finding new customers.

Managing PPC (Pay Per Click) can be very time consuming. That’s why you have us do it for you. We will manage it for you for a low monthly fee. If you want you can manage it yourself but understand that the PPC sites are out to make money just like you, and if you set auto bidding you’re just giving the PPC sites your wallet.

We use several sites for PPC (Pay Per Click) depending on the type of market you’re targeting.

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