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Digital Strategy

Does Your Business Have a Digital Strategy?

Think about how much you do online how can you still question the importance of developing a solid Digital Strategy? Keep in mind, your customers spend a high percentage of their day online.  So really, they expect you to be there too.

Consumers and businesses go to the web first when performing research and learning about products and services they are interested in.   Actually, according to eMarketer’s Report dated May 1, 2017,

 Thanks to multitasking (and our method of accounting for it, explained in a moment), US adults’ average daily time spent with major media will slightly exceed 12 hours this year, according to eMarketer’s latest report.  

That is a lot of time reviewing and searching for products or services and it is up to your company to ensure that you have a solid Digital Strategy prepared to increase your Digital Visibility and take advantage of this massive online media consumption by consumers.


Why Do You Need A Solid Digital Strategy?

The availability of information at consumers’ fingertips has created the necessity for a solid Multi-Channel Digital Presence for your organization. Consumers are viewing brands on several channels so you need to be prepared to provide your value proposition to them where they are. With this in mind, the foundation of your Digital Brand is founded in the proper planning of your Digital Strategy which will guide the development of your Digital Presence which can ultimately make or break your company. We would like to walk you through why you need a Digital Strategy and how to successfully craft an effective Digital Strategy.

Crafting a Solid Digital Strategy

Consideration of time and money needs to be given priority in how you develop your Digital Strategy.  Do you outsource or do the work internally? Just like anything you do in business, you need to invest time and energy in considering what your Business Objectives are and what are suitable Business Goals for the growth of your business. Do you want to sell online? Generate more sales leads? Improve customer service?

Once you know your Business Goals, you need to come up with a plan of attack, should include:

  1. Current Situation Analysis
  2. Digital Platform Selection
  3. Content Marketing Strategy
  4. Digital Platform Optimization Strategy
  5. Digital Presence Monitoring Strategy


Then, it’s time to implement your Digital Strategy and continually evaluate its performance. For more guidance on the specifics about building a solid Digital Strategy follow along with our Blogs and we encourage you to check out our series ‘The Art of Digital Marketing‘.

Digital Learning and Growth

If you are sensible in business, you will take what you’ve learned from your initial Digital Strategy to refine your plan and ensure you receive a better ROI as you optimize your Digital Strategy. This takes time and money, plus a commitment to your business’ growth.

So, you must ask yourself, is your company prepared to put in the time and resources required to develop and nurture a solid Digital Strategy? Learning how to answer this is rather simple, evaluate your current business both online and offline, then determine how much money you are losing because your competitors have invested in a Digital Strategy. This is the cost to you of not developing a Digital Strategy, then you can evaluate and shop around to decide what is the best course of action to begin implementing a Comprehensive Digital Strategy that will provide you with a solid Digital Presence.

Begin by going to Google and put yourself in the seat of a potential customer looking for a company that sells your products or services. Use the Google Search to begin typing in a typical search phrase that a prospective customer would use to find your products or services. Does your company come up on the first page of the search results and if so, where on the page does your business fall? Take note of those that show up at the top of the search results, this information can be used to learn what your losses are due to lack of a quality Digital Presence.  This will also aid you when you begin to develop your Digital Strategy, should that be the course of action that you decide is best for your company.

Digital Strategy Planning

To Outsource Your Digital Strategy or Not

It’s obvious the marketplace demands you have a Digital Presence, but you ultimately determine how and when your company ventures into the Digital Space.  So, while you are building your Digital Strategy, you can use information gathered to reinvent your services, products, and Digital Assets. Keep in mind that investing in a continuous effective Digital Strategy can be expensive. Your company should not invest in a Digital Presence without proper planning because it can become a money pit with little to no return if not properly planned and managed.  Our team strongly recommends getting assistance from Subject Matter Experts because those of us in the Digital Marketing Industry work with Digital Strategies on a daily basis. In addition, Digital Marketing Experts invest heavily in tools which provide deeper insights into the Digital Landscape.  The Laris Media Team provides 1/2 Hour FREE CONSULTATION and a Free Web Analytics Report to help you gain insight into your position in the Digital Landscape.

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