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Attack by Stratagem Digital Marketing Strategy Optimization

The Art of Digital Marketing – Attack by Stratagem Digital Marketing Strategy Optimization

Now that you are fully engaged in your Digital Marketing Strategy it is imperative that you implement continual improvement tactics to ensure that your Strategy is effective. By following the Five Essentials for Victory as derived from Forbes article, “Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, Illustrated (Chapter 3: Attack by Stratagem)” by Jessica Hagy:

Hierarchy of Victory


Implementing these concepts will give you the foundation for a successful Digital Marketing Strategy Optimization Cycle which can scale your Online Business Growth.


The goal of our series to take you through the stages of Developing, Implementing, Monitoring, and Adapting a successful Digital Marketing Strategy. As you are implementing your Strategy you need to understand that it must remain fluid and you need to continually refine your tactics to stay ahead of your competition.


Digital Marketing Strategy Optimization

Digital Marketing is a continually evolving Medium. Changes to platforms, algorithms, rules, and regulations change daily. It is up to your Digital Marketing Team to keep in touch with these changes and adapt your Digital Marketing Strategy to take full advantage of the resources available to your company for Digital Growth.


Implementing a continual Digital Marketing Strategy Optimization Plan will effectively ensure that you are on top of the changes that affect you the most. Sun Tzu understood that during times of war you need to be agile and plan ahead so that you can accomplish your goals. Through interpretation of his writings, we are going to show you how you can keep your company agile yet effective in this ever-changing medium.

1. Observe

He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.

As Sun Tzu says above, battles are won by knowing when to fight and when to compromise. It is in the best interest of your Digital Marketing Strategy to invest in careful observation of all market factors.


A holistic analysis of your market will let you know the best approach to take when planning to scale your business. You have to fully understand the competition in your industry to determine whether you will benefit from directly competing with them or identifying an alternative approach to gaining your market share.


If you have the resources and ability to overtake your competition through an open attack against them, then you will need to be prepared for their response as you begin to penetrate their market. On the other hand, you may find it best to develop mutually beneficial terms to your expansion which could reduce your cost to enter the new market.


Knowing yourself and your competition will guide you in making the best decision to benefit your company’s future growth.

2. Strategize

He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces.

While executing your Digital Marketing Strategy you must acknowledge the competitive forces in your industry. By understanding their capacity and how to best approach each you will reduce resistance and cost of your Digital Marketing Execution.


These Digital Marketing Strategy Optimization opportunities can create invaluable information that will open your organization up to new and innovative ideas that can improve the way you deliver value to your customers.

3. Energize the Team

He will win whose army is animated by the same spirit throughout all its ranks.

Your team is the foundation of your business growth and success. If you want them to be effective and produce results, then they need to have a coherent optimistic spirit towards your company and their work. Those who are not passionate about your vision will not produce the results you need to grow.


Team members motivated by leadership will enhance your organization’s Brand Reputation and improve the value they deliver to your customers. An inspired team will collaborate better to come up with new innovative ways of improving your Brand Reputation and they will collaborate to ensure that your Business Objectives are met. If they are inspired by your leadership they will not hesitate to gather valuable feedback from your customers while an unmotivated team will just go through the motions of performing the bare minimum to complete their assigned duties.

4. Prepare

He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared.

At Laris Media, we take winning very seriously. It is our goal to provide proven tactics and prepare our clients for the modern sophisticated Digital Marketing Landscape. This is why we rely on a Scientific Digital Marketing Strategy. Our Data-Driven Methods provides our clients with factual knowledge about their industry and the success of their Digital Marketing Strategy.


The Scientific Community has established the Scientific Method as a proven Step-By-Step Process to test Theories and create Scientific Fact. We have transformed this Scientific Method into our Data-Driven Scientific Approach to Digital Marketing Strategy Optimization. This continual cycle of checks and balances reveals accurate results.

1. Set Objectives

First, you must examine your organization’s primary vision and determine actionable objectives to make that vision a reality. When speaking with our clients we explore their goals and current Digital Marketing Position to determine relevant KPIs to measure progress.


These specific Objectives apply to the Solutions which we customize to their needs. You will need to ensure that your Objectives are clearly stated attainable Objectives that you can measure based on your company’s KPIs. Each of your Digital Marketing Objectives need to be segmented based on the Audience, Platform, and current state of your business.


Data Mining and Analysis will enable you to gain a holistic view of your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Laris Media's Scientific Digital Marketing Strategy Optimization Cycle
Laris Media's Scientific Digital Marketing Strategy Optimization Cycle

We have determined this process is cyclical because in order to continually optimize you must continually Research, Predict, Test, Monitor, and Analyze your Digital Marketing Strategy to succeed.

2. Construct Hypothesis

Your Hypothesis will be a prediction based on your business and market analysis. At Laris Media, we provide informed predictions that apply to your organizations market position.


The hypothesis we formulate will guide our Testing and Digital Marketing Strategy Optimization Cycle. When approaching this Hypothesis it needs to be specific as we recommend for your Objectives.


The evaluation of the Hypothesis needs to be unbiased and decisions derived from these predictions need to await the results of the testing; otherwise, they will be uninformed assumptions.


Bringing factual information to your Digital Marketing Strategy enables accurate forecasting; therefore, we guide our clients through this continual optimization cycle to continually validate & improve our findings and forecasting.

3. Initiate Test

Once you have established your Test’s Hypothesis you can initiate the test. A good example of such a test would be to select a specific location, platform, and demographic base to launch a promotion.


The results of this test will reveal how you can implement effective campaigns to similar audiences in the future. The more specific your tests are the easier it will be to replicate the results and optimize your Digital Marketing Strategy.

4. Monitor Performance

For your testing to be fruitful you must monitor the Campaign’s productivity. You may find the need to adjust as the testing proceeds; however, it may be more beneficial to await the final results prior to adjusting.


This monitoring will allow you to discover how accurate your Hypothesis was and what impacts the performance of your Digital Marketing Strategy. By investing in monitoring your organization will be able to easily view the benefits of your Digital Marketing Strategy.

5. Analyze & Deliver Results

As the final results come in from the campaign you need to analyze the Data in order to interpret and deliver the actionable results. If you find that your Initial Hypothesis was way off base, then you may need to start from the beginning and develop a better test to improve it.


Once, you have determined a successful test has been conducted; you can repeat the parameters to launch your live campaigns and develop new tests in new markets or on new platforms.

5. Act with Autonomy

He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign.

To fully understand the advantages of Business Autonomy, we would like to take this opportunity to present to you the Business Dictionary‘s Definition straight from their website,

Human resource management: A degree or level of freedom and discretion allowed to an employee over his or her job. As a general rule, jobs with high degree of autonomy engender a sense of responsibility and greater job satisfaction in the employee(s). Not every employee, however, prefers a job with high degree of responsibility.

As we can see from the definition above, Autonomy is allowing your employees freedom and discretion over their position and duties. Not only can this further motivate your employees, but it can also be a method of improving the level of customer service needed to put you above your competition. By empowering your employees to make decisions for the organization you are giving them ownership of their job.


We would not advise that you step into your business today and give free reign to your employees; instead, we encourage you to develop SOP’s which will enable your employees to have a set of rules by which they are able to operate without management micromanaging every decision. This creates a level of accountability towards the decisions made by your company and ownership in those decisions.


We encourage you as a business owner to get out of the day to day operations so that you can do what you do best which is to guide your company to the vision you set forth when opening the doors. Your job as the CEO/Owner is to provide the vision for your company’s long-term goals and direct the overall operations to that vision.

Thank you for following our journey through The Art of Digital Marketing. We are continually digging apart the ancient “Art of War” to provide you with another perspective on the Digital Landscape. Leave a comment at the bottom if there is something you have a question about and our team will gladly elaborate. We are here to help you win.

When you are ready to wage your war, Laris Media will be in your corner.

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