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Brand Visibility Through Content Marketing

Creating Brand Visibility Through Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

When you develop text, graphics, video, or audio to distribute to your audience which is intended on informing your audience and attracting customers you are involved in the practice of Content Marketing. According to Joe Pulizzi’s Post, The History of Content Marketing Content Marketing has been in practice since 1732 with Benjamin Franklin’s “Poor Richard’s Almanack which was distributed to promote Franklin’s printing business. This Post by Pulizzi includes a detailed infographic that outlines the development of Content Marketing since its inception. By reviewing the history of this Digital Marketing Technique you can see that it has proven through time to be a valuable source of lead generation for many organizations throughout time.

We reference the Content Marketing Institute because they concentrate on educating Marketing Professionals on the practice of Content Marketing through their website and several events throughout the year. We keep our team up to date with the latest and greatest practices in Digital Marketing and the Content Marketing Institute is just one of many resources we use to keep up-to-date with the industry’s best practices.

They provide a terrific definition of  Content Marketing in their post What is Content Marketing.

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

Instead of using traditional advertising methods, where companies simply push their products to the masses; Content Marketing is helpful to your audience because as the definition above says, it is a method of providing valuable and relevant content.  Companies often forget that Search Engines are fact large databases designed to locate information on the web. By utilizing effective Content Marketing Strategies, you are helping Search Engines provide information to users about your industry, product, service, or company.  These practices can improve the quality of your website and boost your Brand’s Visibility because users will be more likely to find you on the web and with the information you have provided them they will be able to make more informed decisions about what they are seeking.

What is Brand Visibility?

To clearly define Brand Visibility we would like to introduce a similar common business term Brand Awareness. This term is more common as many organizations seek Brand Awareness to ensure their product or service is at the top of the consumer’s mind when purchasing. We look to the Business Dictionary to thoroughly explain the accepted definition of Brand Awareness.

Extent to which a brand is recognized by potential customers, and is correctly associated with a particular product. Expressed usually as a percentage of target market, brand awareness is the primary goal of advertising in the early months or years of a product's introduction.

While the definition of Brand Awareness above concentrates on the early release of a product or start of a business. Our Brand Visibility focuses on the long-term goals of your company. Our term Brand Visibility is emphasized instead of Brand Awareness because we want your company to continually grow and capture more of your Market. To maintain your business you must be in the top of the mind of your audience.

By maintaining concentration on your overall brand’s image to the public you will see that your website will show when users search for your industry, product(s), service(s), or company.

3 Primary Content Types

  1. Website – Your website is your digital storefront or the “honeypot” of your Digital Presence. We say this because this is how you are known to the public on the web and this is where you are able to capture your sales by providing content that not only informs your users but also converts them into customers.
  2. Social Media – A 2-way communication channel between you and your audience. This enables you to interact directly with your audience and provides a way for you to humanize your brand. The primary focus of Social Media is to develop a relationship with your audience and springboard your Brand Visibility.
  3. Email – This content provides you with the opportunity to educate, sell, and remind your audience and customers about your brand thereby boosting your Visibility and capturing additional sales.

Content Marketing

How Can Content Marketing Improve Your Brand Visibility?

By implementing a quality Content Marketing Strategy your company will see an increase in your web traffic, phone calls, and overall lead conversions. Developing and delivering a diverse array of Content you will provide your audience with the information they are seeking to make an informed purchasing decision before they even speak to you. This will reduce the time you need to invest in each individual sale, improve the conversations with your leads, and increase your overall conversions.

To Stay Relevant You Need a Solid Content Marketing Strategy.

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