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Laris Media’s Proven Digital Marketing Process


Creating Value Through Data-Driven Digital Marketing

Our Mission Statement


“It is our mission to revolutionize the value of Data-Driven Digital Solutions by providing a clear ROI with our clients’ budget while fostering partnerships that values clarity, honesty and above all give client control in a seemingly uncontrolled environment.”

Our Data-Driven Digital Marketing process begins by discovering your business goals and objectives.


To provide the most effective solutions we gather and analyze your:

Unique Value Proposition

Business Goals

Ideal Customers

Customer Lifetime Value

Sales Data

Brand Story

Laris Media’s Customer-Centric Methodology

Puts You in Charge of Your Digital Marketing Spend

Customized Solutions
Customized Solutions

We do not provide the ``One Size Fits All`` Solutions you are used to seeing. We discover your needs and tailor a Solution that fits your company's specific needs.

Professional Service
Professional Service

From our Customer Service to our Operations, we pride ourselves in providing you with professional service that reflects in the work we do for you.

Result Oriented Digital Marketing Solutions
Result Oriented

When talking with the Laris Media Team you will get the BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front). We do not waste your time with tacky sales tactics. Instead, we show you what we can do for you and how we will do it.

Business Relationships
We Value Relationships

We value our Client Relationships over profits. We put your needs ahead of ours. Our clients become part of the Laris Media Family.

Data-Driven Digital Marketing Process

Why use Data-Driven Digital Marketing Solutions?

Personalized Content Delivery

We deliver the right messages, to the right audience, at the right time.

Data-Driven Digital Marketing helps create personalized content that converts leads by providing valuable content to your audience when and where they want to engage with you.

  1. Cost Effective Targeted Marketing
    • Reduce your cost of content production and distribution by delivering value to an audience that is ready to engage.
  2. Influence The Market
    • Leverage relevant channels to reach your ideal customers. Data reveals where your ideal customers are and what type of content they engage with.
  3. Improve Brand Awareness & Customer Experience.
    • Make your business known in your industry and provide a great experience for your customers by leveraging real-time and historical data.

How Our Process Works

The Laris Media Team provides you with our Client Discovery Form to understand your business.

We become an extension of your company by providing you with a holistic view of your brand’s Digital Presence and formulate a Digital Strategy that fits your needs.

As your Digital Partner, we lookout for your best interest so we monitor the market to help you conquer your competition.

Digital Marketing constantly evolves, and we have the tools and experience you need to succeed in the Digital Market.  When executing your Digital Strategy we ensure to remain agile to keep up with any changes in your industry or the Digital Space.

Sales Automation

Automation & Data Capture

We can also help you scale by automating your Sales Funnel while keeping your content personalized.

By using automation and integrating advanced technology into your Digital Marketing Strategy you can easily grow your business without the common issues of not having enough employees to cover the newly found workload.

Digital Marketing and Sales Automation will also provide you with a quick view of what channels and employees are performing best for your organization so that you can get rid of what isn’t working and focus on what works best.


We track and create systematic workflows that can be replicated across several Digital Marketing Platforms to assist in the automation of Content Development and Delivery to your audience.

Developing Long-Term Partnerships

To Properly Brand and Develop Your Digital Identity for Your Audience.

You Don’t Have to Take Our Word for it, Look at what our Client has to say About our Data-Driven Techniques.

Laris Media’s Solutions Produce Results.

As fellow business owners, we are prepared to dig in the trenches with you to win.

You need Business Intelligence, versatility and strong allies that help you to win the battle for visibility and market share in your business.


Our Data-Driven process and winning mentality will ensure that you prosper in your industry.

Win-Win Business Relationships