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Digital Presence

Your Digital Storefront

In the modern age of business, a Digital Presence is necessary to the success and growth of your organization. If you want to expand follow these 4 steps and put your business in front of the world:


  1. Digital Brand Discovery
  2. Value Chain Analysis
  3. Omni-Channel Strategy Development
  4. Business Offering Analysis


These 4 steps are the first stages of developing extending the reach of your company. If you want to be found by more people follow along as we explore the importance of your Digital Presence.

How New Businesses Make Money

So, You Want to Know How New Businesses Make Money?

Many entrepreneurs start a business and want to grow but often they don’t know where to begin. Today, we would like to help you begin a solid foundation to turn your new business into a scalable profit-center. We have a list of 5 business tips to help guide the foundation of your new venture which will enable you to begin making profits and scale your business. Although the task may seem daunting; many new businesses make money once they lay a solid foundation and stick to their mission.

Digital Marketing Strategy Execution
We have laid the foundation for the Art of Digital Marketing, and we have outlined proper methods of planning your Digital Marketing Strategy. Now, it is time to begin your Digital Marketing Strategy Execution and get dirty. Sun Tzu doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of war. We will also be upfront with what you need to do when competing in the Digital Marketing Landscape. This is your opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition and execute the plans that you have laid out to help your company succeed.

Strategic Social Media Marketing

So, You Want to Use Social Media?

Using Social Media in your business is a great idea, but even great ideas can be implemented incorrectly.  Social Media Marketing can be a low-cost Digital Marketing Channel that yields high returns if effectively utilized. However, you must have a thorough strategy before simply diving into the medium. Understanding the various channels, your goals, and competition is paramount to crafting a solid presence. Proper use of analytics is the catalyst to beginning a prosperous Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Laying the Plans Digital Marketing Strategy
In our introductory Post The Art of Digital Marketing we explained how Sun Tsu’s The Art of War is studied to this day by business leaders. We also discussed how we are guiding you through a more specific analysis of this novel Digital Marketing in business. Today, we dig into the Chapter 1 Laying the Plans which is critical to war and relevant to Digital Marketing Strategy alike.